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This website is launched to provide selected melodious modern songs of various indigenous nationalities of Assam and its neighbouring hills and plains areas. As of now it has music mostly of the Assamese language along with one Khasi, three Chakma and two Manipuri pages. A page of the Tibetan music is also there.

Each artist or lyricist is given a separate page irrespective of the number of songs.  The singers whose songs could be collected but their names could not be, are included in the Unnamed page. If any of the names can be known with proper authentication a separate page will be allocated in the name of the singer. This site will also try to provide a profile , photograph of the singers/lyricists in the pages, as per availability and co-operation of the persons concerned.

As mentioned earlier, there is a page containing Tibetan music. Some of the Tibetan songs have markedly similar tunes with Assamese Bihu and Borgeet folk songs. Although folk music is not within the purview of this website they are included as a special addition.

The region now forming the so-called north-eastern part of India is one of the world’s most diverse ethno-linguistic diversity hotspot in the world. The people of the plains of Assam and the surrounding hills had maintained a friendly relation since ancient times and continued to do so till the British era. The advent of the so called Indian independence and the rule of brown sahibs in the name of democracy which at times seems more of a Hindicracy have disrupted this ancient friendly intercourse in the larger part, due to the cunning machinations of their Intelligence Agencies. The plainsmen and the hillsmen had always addressed each other as “MITA” meaning friend. With forceful and conspiratorial imposition of Hindi in many of the hill areas, the word “Mita” have fallen in disuse and many of the present generation may not be aware of its very existence. The great Assamese historian Late Surya Kumar Bhuyan had written volumes on the significance of this word.For full story of Hindi imposition by the Indian authorities and their agents and agencies see the website OUTLOOK ON N.E.F.A (The Book)

“Ri” is the Khasi  word for country. The significance of this word is that it is similar to the German word “reich” pronounced RYE_KH, to Swedish “rike” pronounced REE-kah and to Old High German “rihhi” all meaning realm or kingdom. The details of these sort of linguistic connection of the Khasi language can be found in the book “Ecossais, The Khasi Saga” available for free download from the website ECOSSAIS, THE KHASI SAGA

The name ” Ri-Mita” by combining these two words of significance means the country of the friends. So this website will try the level best to bring the best of melodies from there. So here we are, “Ri – Mita Melody”

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  1. Mohan Palleti Says:

    Thank you for giving us this website. This is a wonderful site indeed.

    I have heard the word “Mita” being used even very recently. Specially in the weekly bazzar’s in upper Assam where different cultures confluence.

  2. Tapan K Sarma Says:

    Really an meaningful effort.
    Good luck. Keep updating as planned.

  3. Siddhartha Bordoloi Says:

    Spellbound-I have no words. Brilliant effort. Thax

  4. anuj goswami Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful site you have created.I always feel the need for such a website where the melodious Assamese songs are available and anybody can listen to these from anywhere. With best wishes.

  5. dr.ujjal chakravarty Says:

    satyakam nice job, keep it up.all the best

  6. Pranab Kalita Says:

    very good work BUBU, keep it up and add some Naga Songs……………. for unity………and brotherhood…………….may the peace prevail.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Himjyoti Says:

    Its a tremendous site!

  8. Dr.Nayanjit Deka Says:

    My colleague Dr,Jahanara Begum told about your new venture,its a good endeavour,try to incorporate more and more old Assamese melodies.keep it up.

  9. Dr. Usha Sarma Says:

    Thank you dada to remind me of those melodious songs. Really. Really its wonderful.

  10. ajay Says:

    Excellent job hope in future also we will get some good song

  11. Dr. Abhijit Neog Says:


    Great work. Although we meet everyday at work in Wintrobe Hospital, this is absolutely out of the world, kudos to the great effort. Its heartening to see people like you taking a deep sea dive into this unfathomed depths to hunt out the treasures of cultures of this neglected part of the subcontinent as you rightly pointed out in the opening lines of the site. Do go ahead pal, we are with you, today and always. Only prayer is that, I wish the new so called “Progressive Generation ” of young North Easterners keep up these kind of activities and contribute to keeping our treasures alive and vibrant like you have done. My best wishes and assureing you of my whole hearted support to your efforts. Keep it up pal, we are with you.

    Love & Best Wishes,

    Dr. Abhijit Neog

  12. Dr. Rajib kaushik Says:

    Hi Ashim. Its a Excellent job. I realy like it. keep it up.

  13. Ananta Says:

    Hi Ashim. Its me Ananta from Mumbai. Website 2 val lagil. Bohut val hoise. & thanks to Dr. Phukan. All the best.

  14. M Phukan Says:

    Fantastic !!!! Proud of you !!!!

  15. Tarun M Says:

    Rolled back the years for me. Memories of listening to AIR Dibrugarh, Guwahati came flooding back. Maybe (step by step) data on the music composers and lyricists could also be added. A BIG THANK YOU for the pleasure received.

  16. M Phukan Says:

    Can you upload some Arun Das numbers ?

  17. Basab Bordoloi Says:

    Outstanding piece of work. A grand,grand salute to all those, who are behind the creation of this wonderful site.

  18. Rajen Barua Says:

    This is simply fabulous. I simply don’t know how to thank all those behind this website which need lot of hard and dedicated work. We would put a link to this in our website.
    Rajen Barua
    Houston, Texas

  19. Dwipen Bhagawati Says:

    Thanks for making available these golden melodies so hard to find now-a-days.

  20. Jahan Ara Begum Says:

    Hi Satyakam,
    Jantrikatar major pora ekhon beleg prithibiloi tumar melodiye loi juar babe antarik dhainyabad.
    Aru bohut mitha ganor suad diba buli asha korilu.
    Really feel proud of u n ur effort.
    Jahan Ara
    3rd Nov, 2010

  21. APURBAl.com Says:

    Its great work.
    I do have hobby of collecting assamese songs and make a data base for assamese music which includes songs, singer, lyricist, composer etc.
    M finding ur website very resourceful. Plz upload more assamese musics.
    With lots of regards
    Best of Luck

  22. Dr. Gitimoni Deka Says:

    Pl! Pl !! make available all melodies songs of Hasina Hazarika

  23. Tabu Says:

    Truly…what a whiff of freshness & nostalgia this website brings….

  24. kamal kumar kathar Says:

    really good job

  25. gogoibju Says:

    we are very thankful to you for your great work.

  26. Indukalpa Says:


    i donot know you.. but u r doing a just grtt work… kudos to u… i dnt hv word to say.. grt grt grt work man…. keep it up..

  27. Rabin Goswami Says:

    Excellent work! Obviously you have put lots of hard work and dedication to create such a website. The coinage of the word ‘ri-mita’ is praiseworthy and a noble effort indeed to keep our NER’s brothers and sisters bonded together atleast musically ! Please keep up the good work.
    Rabin Goswami
    Washington DC

  28. Asim Barua Says:

    Cant beleive I found my favourite song (Abhimaan jodi …by Malabika Bora)here after a long search.

  29. K P SHARMA Says:

    Myself and mywife are very much interested to get all old assamese songs of Pahari baideo.Eagerly waiting to get through my email address.

  30. Meenaxi Says:

    This is absolutely amazing — it is just wonderful that people like you exist who care enough to put in so much work to make this website the incredible site it is — I have spent all morning browsing and listening and can’t seem to have enough — I have cried and laughed, felt I was young again, remembered many things of the past — music brings back so many associations and memories — thank you for gifting me this on Holi day.
    May you go from strength to strength…good wishes..

  31. চম্পক দাস Says:

    আপোনাৰ এই ৱেব্চাইট খোলাটো এটা বৰ ভাল কাম হৈছে | মই বহুদিনৰ পৰা এনে এটা ৱেব্চাইট বিছাৰি আছিলো | অসমীয়াত কথাবতৰা নামৰ গ্ৰূপত এই চাইটৰ কথা গম পায়েই মই খুলি দিলো |

  32. trisha talukdare Says:

    its really a very nice website. thank u for all d good songs

  33. Dr Sanat Kr dutta Says:

    Its a rare effort in the field of Assamese music.It will preserve the musical heritage of Assam and will inspire the generations to come.Please add more singers and more songs per singer so that one day it would be an encyclopedia of modern Assamese songs. We should extend our helping hands to make it a heritage site !

  34. আপোনালোকৰ এই প্ৰয়াসটো ভাল লাগিছে। অসমীয়া সংগীত পুনৰ জনপ্ৰিয় হওক। তাৰ কামনা কৰিলো।

  35. Hiteswar Says:

    i am very happy to see this web site….please continue this effort….

  36. Hiteswar Says:

    Please upload Bhaskar das’s song..jonaki poruwai….thanks

  37. aditya bodo Says:

    this site is truly amezing! I could found my fv song’s 4m here. I lyk 2 thnx the members ,who r releted wid this site..

  38. i am glad enough to see this website. i’ve been searching for this songs for a long time & finally got it. thanks a lot everyone who are related to this website.

  39. Trailukya Borgohain Says:

    Dr Satyakam,

    A great job done. It must be an uphill task to collect all these beautiful melodies for which we all waited and you did it. I was looking for Mihr Bordoloi and Jyotish Bhatta’s songs for a long time and now I got it. Can you find and upload this song “Kobori bandhan khuli diya, meli diya dhour xagar onek kexar maya” by Deben Sarma if I am correct.

    Best Regards

    Trailukya Borgohain

  40. I am very impressed. its really a great work by the site owner. The good thing of this site is that it also gives information about the singer. Looking at the site I can feel how much time you have devoted to create and maintain this site. hats off to you.

    I have mentioned about this site in my blog, http://dipanka.blogspot.com, where I have request my readers to visit this site.

    With Regards

    Dipanka Sharma
    Bohniman Systems (P) Limited.

  41. Thanks Mr Sarma.

    Dr Satyakam Phukan

  42. নম্স্কাৰ গ্ৰহন কৰিব,

    আপোনাক কি বুলি ধন্যবাদ ভাবি পোৱা নাই, মই বহুত নুশুনা গান শুনিব পালো..

  43. Swarup Says:

    Please upload Aparna Dutta Choudhury & Debajit Choudhury’s songs like “Sapone Sapone tumi kashorot”, “Tumi mor saponar”


  44. Memma Singha Says:

    সুন্দৰ প্রয়াস….অসমীয়া সংগীতৰ দীৰ্ঘায়ু কামনা কৰিলো…..

  45. mondeep hazarika Says:

    please load manisha hazarika songs…..

  46. This work will be remembered as one of the greatest work out of thousand great works done by assamese people in the running year till now…..
    I was speechless for a minute …………clicking first time this link!!!!!……………What a precious site!!!

  47. Kamal Kishor Hazarika Says:

    প্ৰতিমা পান্ডেৰ গীত শুনিব পাম নেকি বাৰু ??

  48. এই ব্লগত লোক সঙ্গীত লোৱা হোৱা নাই।

    ডাঃ সত্যকাম ফুকন

  49. Pulakesh Borthakur Says:

    You doing a really great job…. Keep it up as planed.
    Thank you.

  50. Devajyoti Bokolial Says:

    thank you very much for all these songs.few more songs are missing which can complete the collection which can be regarded as one of the best collection of assamese songs. can you upload the song ‘o ghumoti ah o ah’ by Kabita Borthakur from the film sakuntala aru sankar joseph ali? Plz.

  51. Trideep khanikor Says:

    I am very very happy for this website.long time i was curious to collect “world son’s geet. Thanks.

  52. Deep Jyoti Kalita Says:

    Hello Sir,
    I dont know who you are but iam overwhelmed when i come to know about this site. When i was a little boy there is a tape in my house and i grew up listening all assamese old melodies. But unfortunately most them were either stolen or became useless. All these days i was in search of a site where i can download those songs. Now i feel like i get those years back again!!
    It will be very helpfull for the new generation to know our root and sticking into it. Thanks a lot for giving us this. :)

  53. Great job.keep it up.

  54. jayanta Says:

    Relay good work for all Assamese people.

  55. Deka Gunjan Says:

    Xosake bhal lagil…..
    Bahudinor pora bisari thoka gaanbur iyate bisari palu!
    Ei sitetur admin(s)loi bhu bhut dhanyobaad.
    Let it move….

  56. Mridul Sonowal, Guwahati. Says:

    Thanks Ri-Mita Melody,

  57. Nurzaman Khandakar. Says:

    Axomor bahirot thaki thaki jetiyai amoni lage tetiyai bisaro Axomor kecha matir gondh thoka keita man geet.I am so pleased after got this web.


    Thanks for the effort. This site is really giving the opportunity to listen some of the hit Assamese songs of old which are really hard to find and listen.

    Please upload the song “Dur duranire pora muk ringiyai mate” by Rumi Anjana Choudhury. I m searching it for a long time. I will grateful to you if you gift this song to me…plz.

  59. swastika Says:

    this website is really doing a lot to save our beautiful assamese songs, all such songs were sung to me by my dad to make me laugh when i was a kid and i was crying

  60. Monalisa Says:

    Satyakam, I am speechless. Keep it up.

  61. pritam Says:

    this website really gives peace to my mind.
    great work by all who are behind the scene, whole hearted salute to team,

  62. nandan Says:

    A fantastic job for Assamese music. It will be a great collection for future generation.

  63. Hirendev Says:


  64. debajit Says:

    fantastic job but should include zubeen’s song

  65. mridumoloy sonowal Says:

    please include the song manuh dekhisu aji by surjya das

  66. কেশৱ মহন্তৰ গান শুনিবলৈ পাম নেকি?

  67. please add manuh dekhisu aji bahut manuh by surjya das and parichay bihin by jinty das(album…gitimalika)

  68. প্ৰৱাল জ্যোতি ফুকন Says:

    অশেষ ধন্যবাদ ! কিমান যে আগেয়ে নুশুনা, দুৰ্লভ গীতৰে চিনাকী হ’লো আপোনাৰ কৃপাত ৷

  69. banashri gogoi Says:

    I got my song….enekoiye bhagene hopun….nice effort

  70. Arupraj Handique Says:

    বহুত বহুত ধন্যবাদ আপোনাৰ এই ৱেবচাইটৰ জৰিয়তে বহুতো পুৰণি অসমীয়া গীত শুনিবলৈ পাই মই অত্যন্ত সুখী হৈছো \

  71. Samiran Says:

    Dear Ri-Mita Melody
    I dont know how to thank you for opening a site like this. I was searching for over a year to have a website like this.Many many thanks…
    Please upload Hiru da’s songs and poems. The great legend left us behind but his memories and thinkings will never allow to live a distracted life. Hiru da miss u so much../…//

  72. Santanu Kumar Das Says:

    Lately, it has become a trend that whenever some well-known cultural n literary icons of this region departs, now majority of us seem to give them farewell in a majestic manner and expressing many a good things about those noble souls as a mark of respect/tribute. There’s nothing wrong in it, but how many of us have actually listened/read their songs, poems and literary works. I must say, it’s very few. Instead of showering praise to those great personalities, we should try to preserve their songs n works in a most scientific manner for the future generation to come. But how many of us have taken the pain to do that out of our own day-to-day busy schedule. I have found exception in Dr. Satyakam Phukan in creating such a wonderful site, who despite being in a noble profession has done such a remarkable job in preserving the old songs in an archive way which is really handy. Excellent job Dr. Satyakam Phukan and your associate.

  73. Arnab Barua Says:

    The best site to find the best of old Axomiya melodies

  74. অঞ্জন বৰা Says:

    ইমানবোৰ ন-পুৰণি অসমীয়া গান একেলগে একে ঠাইতে উপলব্ধ হোৱাতো এয়াই হয়তো সর্বপ্রথম । মোৰ ধাৰণা AIR, গুৱাহাটীৰ আর্কাইভতো হয়তো পোৱা নাযাব। ই নিসন্দেহে এক অতুলনীয় পদক্ষেপ আৰু এই প্রচেষ্টাৰ লগত জড়িত আটায়ে উচ্চ প্রশংসাৰ যোগ্য। অবশ্যে ন-প্রজন্মৰ কিছু শিল্পী যেনে সর্বশ্রী বর্ণালী কলিতা, সীমান্ত শেখৰ, জুবলী, মানস ৰবীন, দিগন্ত ভাৰতী, অংগৰাগ, জুবিন, অর্নিবান দাস তথা জনপ্রিয় পুৰণি শিল্পী যেনে অৰুন দাস, মুকুল বৰুৱা, প্রদীপ দহোতীয়া, মৃদুলা দাস, অপুর্ব বেজবৰুৱা, বিজয় ভূঞা, ভূপেন উজীৰ, সংগীতা কাকতি আদিৰ গান অন্তর্ভুক্তিয়ে উক্ত Site টোক এক অন্য মাত্রা প্রদান কৰাত সহায় কৰিব বুলি বিশ্বাস। তৰোপৰি ইতিমধ্যে অন্তর্ভুক্ত হোৱা শিল্পীসকলৰ আৰু অধিক গান সন্নিৱিষ্ট কৰিলে Site টো অসমীয়া গীতৰ এক বৃহৎ ভড়াল হিচাপে পৰিগণিত হব বুলি ভাব হয়।

  75. dr prafulla c. deka Says:

    Very encouraging effort. Keep it up. – dr. prafulla c. deka prafulladeka@rediffmail.com

  76. Abdul Mazid Says:

    Hello, Many many thanks to you people for creating a nice website. After a long time I have got some evergreen assamese songs. Great job.

  77. Dhrubajyoti bora Says:

    Minu Boruah r geet xamuh upload koriboson.

  78. Dr. Gitimoni Deka Says:

    thanking you for these evergreen melodious songs. I want almost all the songs sung by singers with lyrics and lyricist names.
    can i get golden songs of lyricist Tafajul Ali, Nirmal Prava Bordoloi, Nabakanta Barua, Kriti Kamal Bhuya, Hiren Gohain, Chabin Medhi, Dwijendra Mohan Sarma?????

  79. robin bora Says:

    durlove ganor durlove site.thangs

  80. Dhun Bordoloi Says:

    kudos to our Mitas behind Ri-Mita.Excellent job.Keepit up.

  81. Shyamal Barua Says:

    ইমান সুন্দৰ এটা ওৱেবচাইট – য’ত বহুসংখ্যক পুৰণি অসমীয়া গীত বিচাৰি পোৱা যায়, সঁচাকৈয়ে অপূৰ্ব ৷ সত্যকাম ফুকন ডাঙৰীয়ালৈ ধন্যবাদ ৷ যদি সম্ভৱ হয় তেন্তে আৰু অধিক গীত অন্তৰ্ভূক্ত কৰিবলৈ অনুৰোধ জনালোঁ ৷

  82. Cheenang Pertin Says:

    My mother is desperately looking for this song- “Aka hote thoka jone likhe kopalor lekhon”. I’ll be very grateful if anyone can help me trace it.
    Thank you.

  83. Try contacting Mr Samson Ingti, singer from Diphu, Karbi Anglong district, Assam.

    Dr Satyakam Phukan

  84. সুন্দৰ প্ৰচেষ্টা । বহুত ভাল লাগিল । শুভেচ্ছা থাকিল ।

  85. স্যামন্ত কুমাৰ গোস্বামী Says:

    সুন্দৰ প্ৰয়াস। বহুত ধন্যবাদ !!

  86. Anup talukdar Says:

    Bhupen Hazarika sokolo gaan pale bhal Palo hoy

  87. NITUL Barman Says:

    It’s really great work for Assam……..Thanks

  88. Priyanku Pratim Parasor Says:

    I feel very proud to be a part of this new achievement in the revival of assamese music sung by various reverent musicians of assam and north-east!
    Really Great!!
    Hats-off to all the people who r the part of it!

  89. bhaskar das Says:

    Asomiya Geet somuh jiyai rokhar eti sundar prayas. hiya bhora subhessha jasilu.

  90. Dr. Gitimoni Deka Says:

    Thanks to Ri meta melody for collections of melody songs of legend singers of Assam…. …. O maya bhora aei dhora………

  91. Gayatri Says:

    its really great collection of assamese melody..

  92. megha kashyap Says:

    lovely collection.truly appreciate the efforts.

  93. mantu saikia Says:

    its really great collection for nation of assamese melody..

  94. Thia a great site, the site of my dreams. Let the unity amongst diversity in the North Eastern Region, again prosper and make out for us a beautiful habitat,in an increasingly disturbed world.

  95. Subrata Nath Says:

    Certainly a very good effort…..and enjoyable too…..my regards for the person with the concept….people of the North-East, flock together……congratulations….and best wishes from the deepest corner of my heart………..

  96. Montu Sharma, Barpathar,Glt Says:

    ধন্যবাদ। প্ৰিয় গানকেইটা শূনিবলৈ পাই মই সুখী হলো। আৰু আশা থাকিল।

  97. Diganta Das Says:

    can you kindly upload Debajit Chaudhury and Aparna Chaudhuris duets and solo songs?

  98. Parikhit Phukan Says:

    Thank you, at last find somewhere I found old Assamese.

  99. SRI RAJIB DAS Says:


  100. umesh nath Says:

    আপোনাৰ কথাত একমত ৷ আৰু বহু শিল্পীৰ গীত সন্নিৱিষ্ট কৰি অসমীয়া গীতৰ এক বৃহৎ সাগৰ হওক ৷

  101. Thank U 4 great collection of assamese old melody.
    Old is gold
    Thank U

  102. Bikash Barman Says:

    Realy val website. .eyar joriyate ami natun projonmoi bohuto purani val loga git suniboloi paisu. .thanks. . .asomiya git dirghajibi houk..

  103. dibyajyoti saikia Says:

    bor bhaal lagise axomiya geet bur paai….mur ata onurudh….keitiman geet dibo sun….1.kumal kuhipate xajale dharani…aaru tumi mur maramare moina…………from-dibya

  104. Atanu Phukon Says:

    I don’t know how to thank you? But this is something that will make the Assamese people very nostalgic. Great work.

  105. Bhimar jun Says:

    Thank you sir…

  106. Binod Baruah Says:

    Yeah really great Work My best wishes to entire family of this site.

  107. Bohu-bohu dhonyobad sir. Navaprojonmor majot puroni geetor kollul boi jauk ai website or dwara….

  108. Dear Admin,
    Thanks & hearty congrates for maintaining such a superb “Axomiya Gaanor” site. Googled a lot for one such site, found a lot and finally landed here and at last found complete satisfaction. The oldies are my favourites. Wish, you added some Kamrupiya (preferably of Rameswar Pathak & Dhanada Pathak), Goalporiya, Borgeets, etc.
    May God give you what you need to keet it going and growing day by day!
    With best wishes

  109. Thanks a lot for providing such a old melodius songs site

  110. We are in proud of our old melodious Assamese songs and our culture this site
    will help us for mext generations to gp ahed…..

  111. pranab kumar nath Says:

    xarute xunisilu ei gaanti.. bhaben saikia ne baruah asil paharilu gayakjanar naam… asha karo edin nissay mor xaixobor ei nostalgic gaanti rimita_r jogedi paboloi xaksham hom…. remitaloi dhanyabad !!!

  112. Gowri saikia Says:

    Hello, website2 mur jen dream asile… Thanx

  113. Liyenda gogoi Says:

    Please sir, upload the song of mohendra hajarika. Please sir.

  114. TAPAN BORAH Says:

    Very good.

  115. M.K.Sarma Says:

    Dear sir,
    We are living away from our home state and you have given us such a valuable gift. It is an asset to us.
    Nothing can compensate your labour, patience etc.I offer my sincere thanks to you.

  116. Semson Borah Says:

    Namaskar…J.P Da..Aji apunar gaan search kari thakute web site2 palu aru gaan2 download kri sunilu..site pua mur bahu palam hol jen lagise..agte nusuna gaanu palu,mon2 bhut val lagil..apunar gaan bahut val pao..Ai web site2 juba prajanmok bhut kiba diba buli asa krisu..thanks…

  117. Marylina Handique Says:

    Thanks a lot for every song… It is helping all the Assamese Music Lovers..

  118. Montu Sharma, Barpathar,Glt Says:

    অনুগ্ৰহ কৰি প্ৰয়াত নগেন বৰাদেৱৰ গীত আপলোড কৰিবচোন।

  119. Homen Deka Says:

    Thanks a lot………… Bahu Apurugia geet bur sunilu, bhal lagil, aru geet ase pale bhal pam.

  120. Naba Kumar Misra Says:

    Really wonderful
    Keep on this

  121. Gakul Gogoi Says:

    An excellent website for Assamese music lovers. Many thanks to Dr. Phukan for his contribution.

  122. Dilip Haloi Says:

    Fantastic Work. Keep it up

  123. Rit Baruah Says:

    Its a nice website 4 downloading sngs,thnx

  124. Chandan Kalita Says:

    Nice work!

  125. Dr Ishankur Saikia Says:

    Nice work. Please upload songs of Jitul Sonowal

  126. সর্বাঙ্গসুন্দৰ !

  127. Indra Kamal Saikia Says:

    Its a amazing process by which the administrator publish the melodious assamese songs for worldwide and proudly establish the golden history of assamese culture as via songs. A grand salute to the Administrator.

  128. কিৰণ খনিকৰ Says:

    অপূৰ্ব !!
    —————— আৰু বেলেগ একো কবলৈ মন যোৱা নাই ৷ এনেকুৱা এটি সংগ্ৰহালয়ৰ প্ৰয়োজনবোধ কৰি আছিলোঁ ৷ বহুদিনৰেপৰা বিচাৰি থকা বহুকেইটা গান ইয়াত পালোঁ ৷ মন ভৰি গৈছে ৷
    হীৰুদাৰ কাপেৰে নিগৰা লোকনাথ গোস্বামীৰ কণ্ঠৰ অ’ মোৰ মিঠা মৌ শীৰ্ষক গানটো পোৱা নাই ৷ আৰু সংগীতা বৰঠাকুৰৰ কণ্ঠৰ ছৈয়দ ছাদুল্লাৰ কাজিৰঙা অ’ মই কাজিৰঙা ……… গানদুটা অন্তৰ্ভুক্ত কৰিবনেকি ?
    পুনৰ অশেষ ধন্যবাদ ……..

  129. khanjit Thakuria Says:

    sir,I want to download durgamoyee bora’s “tumar babe asu baat sai” song, but not foun8d in your site.

  130. Tulu boruah Says:

    Plaz add me all Bhupen dra song

  131. sabrina Says:

    great effort…nw its easy to old assamese songs

  132. Manaj Jyoti Lukhurakhan Says:

    very good work. It is the real respect for our golden history of assamese song.plese carry it on.

  133. tridip Says:

    Nic site

  134. good very good really honest way 4 ASSAMESE SONG

  135. MONTU SHARMA, Barpathar,Golaghat. Says:

    Gitikar Nagen Boradevr geet sunibole pambuli asha korisu.

  136. Anupam Baruah Says:

    I have been searching for Minu Baruah’s ‘Xaponar xuhuri xuno’

  137. Ridit Raj Dutta Says:

    Indeed a commendable effort in aggregating these beautiful melodies. This will serve a long way towards preserving these invaluable assets…Many thanks & best wishes to Dr. Phukan & team.

  138. gautam das Says:

    ati hundor proyakh korise aponaloke, agoloi jate ai anusthan tu jiyai thake stare kamonare…

  139. Dhanmoni Boruah Says:

    I am So happy by listening all of old assamese songs here in this site.. Also thankful to you all releted with this site.

  140. gakul Says:

    Gud step

  141. এইটো বৰ সুন্দৰ প্ৰচেষ্টা হৈছে বুলি মই ভাবিছো। গানেও এখন সমাজক প্ৰতিনিধিত্ব কৰে। নতুনৰ ঢৌত আমাৰ পুৰণি ইতিহাস পাহৰিলে নহব। নৱ প্ৰজন্মই এইবোৰ জনা উচিত। গান কেৱল সুৰ নহয়। এখন সমাাজৰ অন্তৰাত্মা।ইয়াক জীয়াই ৰাখি নতুন-পূৰণি ধাৰা মিলি এক হৈ অসমীয়াৰ হৃদয়ৰ মাজেৰে প্ৰৱাহিত হওঁক।ইয়াকেই মই আশা কৰো।

  142. Padam Boro Says:

    You have done wonderful job. Through this website, it is very easy to search song according to singers. Hope this will encourage more to our coming generation and learn more. Thanks from my core of the heart.

  143. ধন্যবাদ চাৰ……. অসম আৰু অসমীয়াৰ প্ৰাণৰ আপোন মাটিৰ গোন্ধ থকা গীতবোৰ আজিকালি শুনিবলৈয়ে নোপোৱাই হ’লোঁ৷ সৰুতে আকাশৱানী ডিব্ৰূগডৰ অনুষ্ঠানবোৰত এই গীতবোৰে মনত গভীৰ সাঁচ বহুৱাইছিল৷ পাচৰ পৰ্যায়ত ৰেডিঅ’ৰ পৰা বিভিন্ন কাৰণত আঁতৰি আহিব লগা হোৱাত সেই গীতবোৰ স্মৃতিত পৰিণত হৈছিল৷ ইন্টাৰনেটত বিচাৰি হাবাঠুৰি খাইছিলোঁ আৰু অৱশেষত আপোনাৰ ৱেবচাইটত মোৰ আটাইবোৰ পূৰণা প্ৰিয় গীত বিচাৰি পাই মোৰ যি অনুভৱ হ’ল তাক মই শব্দৰে বৰ্ণনা কৰিব নোৱৰোঁ৷ মোৰ হেজাৰ হেজাৰ ধন্যবান গ্ৰহণ কৰিব৷ শুভেচ্ছা থাকিল……….

  144. dhananjay deka Says:


  145. simanta keot Says:

    অপূৰ্ব বেজবৰুৱা গীত সমূহ এই web siteত দিব নোৱাৰে নেকি ?

  146. Padam boro Says:

    very useful website

  147. tarunborah Says:

    I like this website. Very useful website.

  148. Abhijit Bhuyan Says:

    Bohudinor murot hepahor gaan bur paisu………….Subhessare……..
    Abhijit Bhuyan

  149. Akon Moran Says:

    purona ganbur pai bohut vl lagese… agoloi ane gan hunibloi pam buli akha thakil……

  150. UC Thakuria Says:

    I think the site is doing a social service giving the opportunity to hear the old melody of Assamese songs. We are incredible to this site. Apply the modern software to buffer quickly. Thanks a lot

  151. kuki porashor Says:

    xosai ei website 2 e axomiya xuwadi xuria geet xomuh punor shrutar majoloi uliai anise. bohu gaan euar dwara upolobdho hoise. bor xundor prosesta………….

  152. Ratulmani Says:

    Suddenly a long lost friend of youthful days has come alive yesterday. Thank you so much

  153. Ananta kumar Nath Says:

    আপোনাৰ এই প্ৰয়াসে জনসাধাৰণৰক বহুত উপকাৰ কৰিব । ভবিষ্যৎত আৰু সুন্দৰ হব বুলি আশা কৰিলো

  154. nayanjyoti Says:

    good job

  155. Rituparno Says:

    Really !! honestly no………. words……….hats off,well done!!
    and thanks a lot !!!

  156. MONTU SHARMA Says:

    Apurba Bezborooah devr geet dutaman upload korahole sukhi holu heten.

  157. abufiaz52 Says:

    Hi, believe me , it was by chance that I came across your SITE, and what a banner you have…..RI-MIta Melody. It is so very wonderful to know that we have such talented people in our region.

    History is replete with many personalities whose sacrifices will forever be remembered and also extolled by the younger generations.
    I love music not that the innumerable art and culture including literature does not interest me
    Otherwise I am a die hard fan of Dr Bhupen Hazarika and Jayanta Hazarika. I have deliberately omitted LATE from their names since at least for me they are still there to inspire me.

    I hope it does to you all also.
    Fill us up Ri-Mita Melody !!

    Syed Nazimur Rahman

  158. CHIRANJIB DAS Says:

    today I feel so happy ! because I find what I have been searching for… so god bless U.. and go ahead

  159. আপোনাৰ ছাইটটোত মুনমী বৰাৰ গীতোবাৰ পাই বহুত কথা মনলৈ আহিল।আমি অসমীয়াবোৰ হয়তো ঙতভাগা। আমাৰ মাজত ভালবোৰ নাথাকে। জয়ন্ত হাজৰিকাক আমি অকালতে হেৰুৱালোঁ, হেৰুৱালো মনোমোহা কণ্হেঠৰ অধিকাৰী দীপালী বাইদেউৰ কণ্ঠৰ গীতৰ সোৱাদ। আৰু কিমান হোৰুৱালো গীতৰ জগতখনৰ পৰা। সুৰৰ ৰজা জ্যোতিক হেৰুৱালোও অকালতে। আমাৰ মাজত কোকীল কণ্ঠী মুনমী এতিয়াও আছে। নাগায় আমাৰ বাবে। বৰ ক্ষোভ হয়! …. মুনমীৰ গীতৰ সুৱাস আমি আৰু কেতিয়াব পামনে….. মুনমীয়ে অসমীয়াৰ বাবে আৰু গীত গাবনে…

  160. deep jyoti kalita Says:


    আপোনালৈ অভিনন্দন আৰু অশেষ ধন্যবাদ । আপোনাৰ যহতে বহু কেইটা আপুৰুগীয়া অসমীয়া গান শুনিবলৈ পালো । ইয়াৰ বাবে আপোনাৰ ওচৰত আমি কৃতগ্গ ।

    এটি অনুৰোধ আপোনাৰ ওচৰত , যদি সম্ভৱ হয় তেনেহলে ড. ভূপেন হাজৰিকাৰ ” জিন্দাবাদ মেন্ডেলা” আৰু খগেন মহন্তৰ ” মা আমি শদিয়ালৈ যামেই” গান দুটা আপলোড কৰিবচোন ।

    দীপ জ্যোতি কলিতা

  161. মণ্টু শৰ্মা Says:

    অপূৰ্ব বেজবৰুৱাদেৱৰ গীতসমূহ আপোনাৰ এই ৱেবপেজত পাম বুলি ঢাক আশা কৰি ৰলো ৷ ধন্যবাদ ৷

  162. Hemjyoti sonowal Says:

    Nice collection . Thanks for it..

  163. diganta Says:

    Re mitaa melody is the best treasure of not only old great assamese songs but also a miniature of NE cultural haritage
    I like the site very much .Thanks

  164. Montu Borgohain Says:

    We all really greatful …. that u creat a wanderful site for which every person who loves assamese can collect their favourite one….

  165. ashim jyoti baruah Says:

    বৰ উপযোগী কাম হৈছে.

  166. anie kashyap Says:

    purona xuriya geetbur xunar xujug diar babe dhonyobad

  167. গৌতম গগৈ Says:

    পলাশৰে ৰং…বনজুই… ৰ গীত কেইটা দিবচোন

  168. শশীভূষণ শর্মা Says:

    গীতবোৰ শুনি খুবেই ভাল লাগিছে

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