Mihir Bordoloi মিহিৰ বৰদলৈ (ASSAMESE)

Mihir Bordoloi

মিহিৰ বৰদলৈ



Mihir Bordoloi is one of the extra-ordinary singers of modern Assamese music. Specially his god gifted melodiously tuned bass voice is something inimitable for which reason he has got a very exclusive and loyal fan following. He is a 1935 born person, father a very reputed doctor Dr Umesh Chandra Bordoloi, mother Seuti Devi, grandfather noted freedom fighter Karmabir Nabin Chandra Bordoloi, apart from being a poet and lyricist and his paternal aunt Nalini Bala Devi was a well known poetess of Assamese language.

Mihir Bordoloi is an Arts Graduate having done his schooling in Jorhat, Dibrugarh and Dhuburi and colleging in prestigious St Edmunds College Shillong and Cotton College, Guwahati.

Endowed with in-born musical talent he started formal musical training at Jorhat Sangit Bidyalay. As he had to move about from town to town with his Government employed doctor father he took training from private musical tutor in Dibrugarh. In Shillong he came into close contact with a well known exponent of classical music Ustad Phool Mohammed Khan from whom he imbibed tenets of Indian classical music. In Guwahati he got the tutelage of Mukul Barua his cousin, grandson of Nalini Bala Debi.

Started singing career with All India Radio (A.I.R) Guwahati since 1956 and many of his hit songs have come from the studios of the A.I.R. Besides that he has sung several playback songs for Assamese films namely Bibhrat, Kazirongar Kahini, Saknoia, Sri Sri Maa Kamakhya.

In January 17th 2009 he was awared with the Silpi Bota ( Artist Award) by the Government of Assam.

Apart from being a singer, Mihir Bordoloi is a very good painter and he has painted many a wonderful paintings. All throughout his life he has served as corporate executive with excellent track record in tea sector, lastly he retired from Brook Bond (tea company).

Mihir Bordoloi expired on the 5th of April 2011 after battling for his life for around a month in a hospital at Guwahati.


Songs গীত :

Akul meghe dhale আকুল মেঘে ঢালে

Akul meghe(Mhr Bor)

Dhumuha rati ধুমুহা ৰাতি

Dhumuha rati(Mhr Bor)

Ei nodi jodi এই নদী যদি

Ei nodi jodi(Mhr Bor)

Ei pare moi এই পাৰে মই

Ei pare moi(Mhr Bor)

Jamunare bali যমুনাৰে বালি

Jamunare bali(Mhr Bor)

Mayabi nixare মায়াবী নিশাৰে

Mayabi nixare(Mhr Bor)

Mok eti xur kori tola মোক এটি সুৰ কৰি তোলা

Mok eti xur kori tola(Mhr Bor)

Phool dilo tomar hatot ফুল দিলো তোমাৰ হাতত

Phool dilo(Mhr Bor)

Tumi prabhator

Tumi prabhator(Mhr Bor)



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Mihir Bordoloi commemorative function  on 08-10-2012, “মিহিৰ বৰদলৈক সোঁৱৰণ ০৮-১০-২০১২”

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  1. Dilip Deori Says:

    desperate to enjoy Mihir Bordoloi’s golden songs.

  2. bjhandique@gmail.com Says:

    It is useful.

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  4. nibir Says:

    Bubu, your one-man dedication to preserve and spread the golden music of great icons of Assamese music is commendable.

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